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The purpose of this "electronic guide" is to provide useful information about the Chemical Engineering School of the National Technical University (N.T.U.), in Athens, Greece.

The material provided in these web pages covers the following subjects:

  • the history of the School

  • the administrative organization of the School

  • its scientific structure,facilities, and activities (Departments, Laboratories, Staff, research activities, etc)

  • the people involved in the School functions

  • the educational curriculum offered

  • the organization of studies

  • the methodology of teaching, training, and testing of the students

  • the description of individual courses

  • the services offered by the School to Industry, to the State and to third parties

  • the current research activities of the faculty

  • News and Upcoming Events of interest to the School

The administration of the School has the strong conviction that education is the most important function in an organized Society. Therefore, it does not remain neutral and indifferent to everyday life but, on the contrary, it is linked to it and forms a basic element of the social edifice. As such, an effort has been made to integrate, right from the beginning of the studies, social, environmental and humanistic considerations into the curriculum.

The latter must develop all the capabilities and human qualities of the students, to enable them increase the production of materials and the goods of civilization, with the highest respect toward the environment and the social problems, and to make them positively creative.

It is hoped that these pages will be useful to anyone wishing to follow the Chemical Engineering Curriculum offered, as well as to any other parties wishing to collaborate with the School in joint teaching and research activities or seeking scientific and technical services.

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